Making the Most of Your Tweets


As mentioned in previous posts, Twitter is an excellent way for those in banking to communicate and forge relationships with current and prospective customers. In order to do so effectively, however, it is necessary to make the most of your tweets. One excellent resource for learning the Twitter ropes is a book entitled The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer. In his book, he notes that the best ways to make the most of your tweets is by focusing on the following four issues:

  1. Tweet Quality Versus Tweet Quantity
  2. The Critical First Words
  3. The Tweets Average Lifespan
  4. The Optimal Time Between Tweets

Tweet Quality Versus Tweet Quantity

Like with many things, the quality of your tweets is much more important than the quantity. You can tweet all day long, but if your tweets aren’t relevant and useful to your audience, you will begin to lose followers. It is much more important to spend extra time to formulate high-quality tweets that will speak to your followers, rather than bombard them with useless and irrelevant information. The key is to know your target market and offer them meaningful information in your tweets.

The Critical First Words

In formulating your message, it is important to remember that you are limited to 140 characters, which makes the first few words the most critical. It is important to create an eye-catching headline that contains keywords and/or statistics within the first 3-5 words. Doing so will make your tweet more noticeable as people are quickly scanning through numerous tweets.

The Tweets Average Lifespan

As you can probably imagine, the fast-pace of Twitter makes the average lifespan of a tweet rather short. On average, a tweet with a clickable link has the lifespan of 1 to 23 days, with the former being a rather unpopular tweet, and the latter being quite successful. Since tweets have a relatively short lifespan, it is all the more important to create quality tweets with eye-catching first words. Always formulate your tweets with the idea that its lifespan will be very short.

The Optimal Time Between Tweets

So, we’ve learned that the quality of tweets is more important than the quantity, but what is the optimal time between those quality tweets? According to Schaefer, “the optimal space between business tweets to attract the most clicks is either 31-60 minutes or 2-3 hours.” (Schaefer, 2012) Anything spaced closer together, or further apart, seem to attract less clicks. So, try to space your tweets accordingly for the best response rate.

By keeping these four topic areas in mind, you will be well on your way to formulating successful tweets that help you communicate with current and potential customers in the Twitterverse.

Schaefer, M. (2012). The Tao of Twitter. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill


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